Sunday, November 11, 2007

Blog Topic Due Nov. 11th

This past week, I saw a couple of commercials on t.v. and on youtube that used the dual coding theory to try and get customers to buy their product. Pizza Hut made a commercial with Jessica Simpson in promoting a special on one of their pizzas. She came out as a waitress delivering the pizza. Pizza Hut did an excellent job not only promoting their pizza, but using Jessica as another form of visual aid. That really made me want to go and order a pizza from Pizza Hut!

Hummer also did an excellent job in using the dual coding theory. In one of their recent commercials, they use the new H3 on different terrains and show how flexible and durable their vehicle is. They also show little phrases before they show what the H3 can do. Hummer does an excellent job with all of their commercials in using visual aid to promote their product because it makes you want to buy their vehicle because it can do all of those cool things.

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