Sunday, November 4, 2007

Blog Topic Due Nov. 4th

I usually don't like group work because there is always someone who is uncooperative and all the work is thrown on certain people. I cannot say that about team bangarang. Everybody is doing their part and the work is getting done in a timely manner.

Everyone is communicating well. If someone can't come, they will call or e-mail to say so. That keeps everything moving because then we can form our meetings around who is not going to be there so that we can still have a successful group meeting. Our meeting times seem to accomodate the whole group and no one complained of having too much to do or meeting to much or too little.

What I like best about our group is everyone has creative ideas. We all listen to everyones ideas and then we create a plan of action based on those ideas. We all get along and everyone has a chance to talk and to be heard. As long as we keep our good work ethic and keep having productive meetings, then everything in phase 2 should run smoothly.

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