Monday, December 10, 2007

My Advice for Students

No matter what your major may be, business writing is something everyone needs to take. You will need to know how to write memos, e-mails, and other business documents and this class will prepare you for that.

I didn't know what to expect as far as assignments in the class and how it was going to be structured, but the syllabus was very detailed and explained what was to come for the semester. It's not a difficult class, especailly compared to my other business courses. Just make sure you pay attention to the syllabus and when things are due because it's easy to forget. There will be a client based project so be ready to work with other people. I learned a lot of skills and information from this class that I will take with me after I graduate and that's why this class is so beneficial.

I wish you the best of luck!

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Blog Topic Due Nov. 11th

This past week, I saw a couple of commercials on t.v. and on youtube that used the dual coding theory to try and get customers to buy their product. Pizza Hut made a commercial with Jessica Simpson in promoting a special on one of their pizzas. She came out as a waitress delivering the pizza. Pizza Hut did an excellent job not only promoting their pizza, but using Jessica as another form of visual aid. That really made me want to go and order a pizza from Pizza Hut!

Hummer also did an excellent job in using the dual coding theory. In one of their recent commercials, they use the new H3 on different terrains and show how flexible and durable their vehicle is. They also show little phrases before they show what the H3 can do. Hummer does an excellent job with all of their commercials in using visual aid to promote their product because it makes you want to buy their vehicle because it can do all of those cool things.

Sunday, November 4, 2007

Blog Topic Due Nov. 4th

I usually don't like group work because there is always someone who is uncooperative and all the work is thrown on certain people. I cannot say that about team bangarang. Everybody is doing their part and the work is getting done in a timely manner.

Everyone is communicating well. If someone can't come, they will call or e-mail to say so. That keeps everything moving because then we can form our meetings around who is not going to be there so that we can still have a successful group meeting. Our meeting times seem to accomodate the whole group and no one complained of having too much to do or meeting to much or too little.

What I like best about our group is everyone has creative ideas. We all listen to everyones ideas and then we create a plan of action based on those ideas. We all get along and everyone has a chance to talk and to be heard. As long as we keep our good work ethic and keep having productive meetings, then everything in phase 2 should run smoothly.

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Blog Topic Due October 28th

The news is getting worse and worse every day. For the past couple of days, I've been watching the news on and off after my last class. The stories are saddening and depressing. They hardly ever report on something positive or something to lift your spirits.

Just the other day, the top story was a baby, still in it's fetal stages, being found in a trash can at some gas station in Union. From the start, that turned me off from watching the news that day, but I wanted to see what brought about that tragedy. Some woman had the baby and left the umbilical cord connected, and left the baby in the trash can. Authorities were still looking for the woman. These types of stories are what you would hear most likely if you watched the news.

There are always stories of murder, violence, hate, etc. I can't remember a time where I actually watched the news and was not disgusted at what was being reported. I understand that there is a war going on in Iraq, but there are more important things to report on. People are starving in America. Poverty is a huge problem right now. Why not look at the real issues and report on them, instead of reporting that Paris Hilton is back in jail, or Britney Spears is in court trying to get custody of her kids. News programs are really losing focus and so many Americans are blind to what's really going on in the world.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Blog topic Due October 21st

My mock interview went very well. I was not all that nervous about it because I've already been through numerous interviews. I arrived early, which is always good, and I was ready for my interview. I kept good eye contact and answered all of my questions fully. I learned that it's good to be prepared to answer certain questions about situations that you've been in. That way, it will be easier to retain the information rather than prolonging the interview.
I really don't think I would have done anything differently. I just think that it went well enough for me that I could've gotten the job. I think I set myself apart from all of the other candidates applying for the same job. Overall, the mock interview was excellent experience to prepare someone for a real interview.

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Blog Topic Due October 14th

This past week, everyone had really good presentations. One that stood out to me was Michele's presentation on New York. Her powerpoint really stood out to me and it was short, sweet, and to the point. I had a chance to visit NY when I was in high school and it is a wonderful city. Many of the places and sites she talked about I could relate to because I had been there. It's always good to hear a presentation on a city or another region of the world because every location has something different to offer. Michele did a wonderful job of giving visuals of the city and explaining what every restaurant/mall/location had to offer. As she was giving her presentation, I could picture in my mind what it was like when I had a chance to visit the city myself.

Sunday, October 7, 2007

College Football Rankings (week 6)

College Football sure isn't dissapointing this year. There have been many upsets and suprise wins all over the board. The team that has suprised me the most is USF (University of South Flordia). Over the past couple of seasons, they have been horrible, barely winning any games. However, after week six, they are ranked 5th in the nation which is extraordinary. The team that I'm the most dissapointed in is Texas. They have really fell off since last season. They are currently ranked 23rd in the nation when they were ranked in the top 5 earlier in the season. I had high hopes for Clemson also. They really have to buckle down and win the rest of their games this season to have a chance at a good bowl game. South Carolina will give us a run for our money this year, I do know that much. They are currently 7th in the nation and doing a great job on both sides of the ball under head coach Steve Spurrier. I am anxious to see how everything turns out come Bowl Time.