Sunday, October 7, 2007

College Football Rankings (week 6)

College Football sure isn't dissapointing this year. There have been many upsets and suprise wins all over the board. The team that has suprised me the most is USF (University of South Flordia). Over the past couple of seasons, they have been horrible, barely winning any games. However, after week six, they are ranked 5th in the nation which is extraordinary. The team that I'm the most dissapointed in is Texas. They have really fell off since last season. They are currently ranked 23rd in the nation when they were ranked in the top 5 earlier in the season. I had high hopes for Clemson also. They really have to buckle down and win the rest of their games this season to have a chance at a good bowl game. South Carolina will give us a run for our money this year, I do know that much. They are currently 7th in the nation and doing a great job on both sides of the ball under head coach Steve Spurrier. I am anxious to see how everything turns out come Bowl Time.

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Angie_R said...

I do believe that's the coolest blog profile pic I've ever seen.

I hope the season picks up and ends on a better note than where we are now.